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All the training you need, all in one place.

We provide a unique dysphagia training service combining 25 years of expertise.

Whilst other courses provide separate training, which can be more costly over time, we bring it all together for you in one easily affordable and convenient package. 

You learn from the experts about dysphagia management, nutrition, and catering for people with dysphagia. Depending on the training you choose, you will develop competency mapped against the Eating, Drinking and Swallowing Competency Framework.

We also provide follow-up services to ensure you are delivering high quality dysphagia care meeting CQC standards.

We tailor training to your needs.

Here’s what we offer

Webinar 1

Dysphagia: understanding dysphagia, and dysphagia management including IDDSI theory – Sandra Robinson

Minimum 10 people, maximum 15 people. Duration 120 minutes. At a date and time to suit you.

All that your staff need to know in one place at a super affordable rate! Anyone can attend from HCAs to nurses to chefs and managers.

This includes interactive training on swallowing, dysphagia, and supporting people with dysphagia including understanding and implementing IDDSI, carrying out IDDSI audits, and ensuring your care plans are comprehensive and relevant.

All attendees receive an attendance certificate.

They can also complete an assessment in their own time following the training towards the Level 3 theory section of the RCSLT Eating, Drinking and Swallowing Competency Framework – EDSCF for a certificate of competency in the theory sections of the EDSCF (extra fee).

The password protected webinar is recorded and made available to attendees for 6 months following live training. Further practical EDSCF competency training is available once lockdown is lifted. Ask me for a quote.

Literature resources are also provided to aid supporting people with dysphagia in the care home.

Sandra’s approach to dysphagia management is that quality of life comes first, and risk management is integral to this.

This complements the training of Dietitian, Caroline Hill and Dysphagia Specialist Chef, Gary Brailsford.

Webinar 2

Nutrition: all you need to know – Caroline Hill

Minimum 10 people, maximum 15 people. Duration 90 minutes. Flexibility available for date and time.

The interactive webinar training includes;
• Malnutrition & Nutrition support
• Nutritional screening
• Supporting nutrition & hydration in a care home setting
• Malnutrition & dysphagia

This training will be delivered live online and will be in line with national guidelines for managing nutrition and hydration in care homes.

Following the training, a certificate will be issued upon completion of a short assessment at the end of the online training.

This complements the training of Speech and Language Therapist, Sandra Robinson, and Dysphagia Specialist Chef, Gary Brailsford.

Practical day

Cooking and catering: theory (revision) and practice – Gary Brailsford

Learn to make amazing IDDSI diets that will wow your care home residents with dysphagia, and make your staff proud.

The number of delegates that can attend the course depends only on the size of the room where the training takes place.

In these testing times, it is very important to complete a risk assessment for the delivery of face to face training. COVID19 guidance is fully adhered to. This training has been successfully provided throughout the last year ensuring everyone’s safety and engagement in the sessions.

The training day includes;
09.00 – 11.00 Theory Session – Group 1
11.15 – 13.15 Theory Session – Group 2
13.30 – 15.30 Practical session with the kitchen (Chefs, Catering Assistants etc.)

If staff have attended Webinar 1. the theory sessions will be a revision and more time allocated for the practical aspects.

The theory sessions are identical so staff only need attend one session. Two sessions ensures as many staff as possible can attend. The Chefs must also attend one of the theory sessions in addition to the practical. It is recommended the following people attend;
• Home Manager and Deputy
• Nurses
• Activity Coordinators
• Carers and Senior Carers
• Chefs / Cooks
• Catering Assistants
and anyone else involved with the food service.

There is also specialist training for solely Chefs and Catering staff.

The cost of training includes accommodation, and food that is brought along, all prepared as per the new IDDSI Descriptors, plus paperwork to help with evidence and communication.

Certificates are provided for all attendees. Testimonials can be provided if required.

Gary shows how easy it is to prepare appealing but safe dysphagia food that looks and tastes amazing.

This complements the training of Speech and Language Therapist, Sandra Robinson, and Freelance Dietitian, Caroline Hill.

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