The Eating, Drinking and Swallowing Competency Framework

EDSCF stands for the Eating, Drinking and Swallowing Competency Framework.

This was written by some top speech therapists after wide consultation and was published in May 2020.

Its purpose is to develop skills, knowledge, confidence and ability of people who support people with dysphagia. This includes noticing who might have an undiagnosed dysphagia or new problems. It can be applied to all client and age groups in all settings.

The EDSCF Levels

There are 6 levels of competency. See our infographic below.

Which level of competency you are currently working in or wish to work towards, depends on your role and responsibilities.

Dysphagia Kitchen will provide training mapped onto the EDSCF levels. This will help you to decide which training is best for you, your colleagues or your organisation.

The full EDSCF is available here.

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