Wow. This is a game changer!

It’s 29 degrees C outside as I write this. Imagine being nil by mouth in this weather. I wrote this blog last year and was reminded of it as the parents of a young woman who has been nil by mouth for months told me last week that they wanted her to try it. ItContinue reading “Wow. This is a game changer!”

IDDSI, monkeys and myths

A myth-busting blog! Have you ever been asked to do something at work but not given a reason? Or have been doing something for years thinking you know why but it turns out to be wrong? Or you’re asked to do something, you then ask Why? and you’re told, “because that’s the way we doContinue reading “IDDSI, monkeys and myths”

Mixing it up

Can people with dysphagia have ‘mixed textures’ on the plate? No. But now and again, Yes. Have you noticed how every time we pose one of these questions, the answer is rarely straightforward? This is because we’re supporting individuals. People with specific needs, wishes and preferences on a background of comorbidities and treatments unique toContinue reading “Mixing it up”

I’m not drinking that, it’s wallpaper paste!

What’s up with thickeners? The use of thickeners is a compensatory measure. They’re for pulmonary safety rather than swallow rehabilitation. Most thickeners are now gum-based rather than starch-based. Why? Well, the starch-based thickeners aren’t amylase resistant. This meant that if a person with dysphagia held the thickened drink in their mouth for longer than usual,Continue reading “I’m not drinking that, it’s wallpaper paste!”

Get a SALT! He’s aspirating!!!

Does it matter if a person aspirates? Yes. And No. Well, sometimes. It depends. It’s a bit complicated… Aspiration Firstly, what is aspiration? One of the ways that Speech and Language Therapists measure aspiration is by using the Penetration-Aspiration Scale (PAS). It looks like this. So it’s basically a 6, 7 or 8 on theContinue reading “Get a SALT! He’s aspirating!!!”

Words you don’t want to hear

There are some words you never want to hear. And you need to hear this first. People over 65 years of age (many without dysphagia!) have seven times higher risk for choking on food than children aged 1–4 years of age After falls, choking on food presents as the second highest cause of preventable deathContinue reading “Words you don’t want to hear”

Are you equipped for IDDSI?

Chefs love a good gadget. Let’s get it out there… You do not need lots of equipment to be able to prepare IDDSI Framework food. You need the right equipment!!! IDDSI Level 3 Liquidised Diet and IDDSI Level 4 Purée Diet You need a blender. But which one? I’m sure you will all have yourContinue reading “Are you equipped for IDDSI?”

What’s that dangly bit called?

No, really. I’ve been asked this more than once in my career. It’s usually one of two anatomical components I’m being asked to name. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Stop it! I work in neurology, not urology. Here are some pictures of the dangly bits. Do you know what they areContinue reading “What’s that dangly bit called?”

Feeding time at the zoo?

Are there things that happen at your workplace that drive you mad? Here are some of my bugbears; spouts on beakers people with dysphagia eating and drinking whilst lying flat or half asleep thickener use before a speech therapy assessment or screen pouring gravy on texture-modified meals mashing Level 6 soft and bite-sized diet mealsContinue reading “Feeding time at the zoo?”