Nutrition and Hydration Week 2021: Thirsty Thursday

Did you know the prevalence of dehydration in older adults in residential care is 20-38% (1)? Dehydration in the older person is the result of a number of factors including physiological changes due to the ageing process, underlying medical conditions, impaired cognition and frailty. Associated with a number of medical conditions such as stroke, isContinue reading “Nutrition and Hydration Week 2021: Thirsty Thursday”

This week we are supporting Nutrition and Hydration Week 2021!

The purpose of Nutrition and Hydration Week is to promote: •          The 10 Key Characteristics for Good Nutritional Care •          Protected Mealtimes •          Nutrition Advocates for each health or social care setting •          The minimum standards for good nutrition in the respective settings •          Highlighting Good Nutrition and Hydration Practices •          Continued Education for professionalsContinue reading “This week we are supporting Nutrition and Hydration Week 2021!”

The importance of hydration in dysphagia management

Written by Caroline Hill, dietitian for Dysphagia Kitchen Now that the warmer weather is finally upon us, I thought it was a pertinent time to remind everyone about the importance of hydration. Hydration is just as important as ensuring adequate nutrition and even more so for people living with dysphagia.  The risk of dehydration inContinue reading “The importance of hydration in dysphagia management”

Dysphagia and malnutrition…the role of a dietitian

Written by Caroline Hill, Dietitian As the result of swallowing difficulties, it is highly likely that a person’s eating and drinking is affected. The degree to which their eating and drinking is affected will vary on an individual basis. One of the major consequences of dysphagia not being identified and/or not being managed appropriately is malnutrition.    MalnutritionContinue reading “Dysphagia and malnutrition…the role of a dietitian”

WOW! This game-changer really works for people with severe dysphagia!

Written by Sandra Robinson, speech and language therapist The taste of tea AFTER A WHOLE YEAR of no drinks! WOW!This product is amazing for people with dysphagia. I worked with a man, who hadn’t had a taste of tea IN OVER A YEAR.Until now. If anyone knows how many people are living ‘nil by mouth’ (NBM) becauseContinue reading “WOW! This game-changer really works for people with severe dysphagia!”

Successful training at Manton Heights ABI Unit, Bedford

Dysphagia Kitchen (formerly ‘IDDSI training UK’) brought the expertise of an independent speech and language therapist, freelance dietitian and dysphagia specialist chef to the staff of Manton Heights ABI Unit in Bedford. They received training including; understanding swallowing and dysphagia developing appropriate care plans fully implementing speech and language therapy swallow recommendations using IDDSI understandingContinue reading “Successful training at Manton Heights ABI Unit, Bedford”