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Our team of experts in the field of dysphagia collaborate to deliver bespoke dysphagia training mapped to the Eating, Drinking and Swallowing Competency Framework. Our mission is to improve the quality of care and quality of life provided to people with dysphagia through education, training and sharing good practice.

Sandra Robinson

I am an independent speech and language therapist, who specialises in supporting people with dysphagia, and the Director of Speech Therapy Works Ltd.
I provide a range of dysphagia services including tracheostomy therapy, training and supervision, plus the McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program, IQoro, EMST and Ampcare (ESP) Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation therapy.

I hold the Sternberg Award for Clinical Innovation in developing a post-graduate dysphagia training programme. 

I am co-author of the RCSLT Position Paper on Speech and Language Therapy in Adult Respiratory Care.

It is important to me that people with dysphagia enjoy their food and drink as well as stay safe.

Caroline Hill

Caroline is a freelance dietitian with a special interest in dysphagia.

Caroline has over 10 years experience as a dietitian, having worked in both the NHS and for a global medical nutrition company, where she specialised in dysphagia. 

Caroline was an industry representative on the UK IDDSI expert group providing clinical insight and expertise on the implementation of IDDSI in the UK. 

In addition to a specialist interest in dysphagia, her clinical experience includes gastroenterology, surgery, neuro-disabilities and nutrition support. 

Caroline is passionate about ensuring the safety of all people with dysphagia so that those on texture modified diet and fluids receive appealing, tasty and nutritious food and drink.

Caroline delivers the nutrition segment of the training to educate on the relationship between malnutrition and dysphagia, including nutritional screening and nutritional care planning for people with dysphagia.

Visit Caroline’s company at Caroline Hill Nutrition

Gary Brailsford

Gary trained as a Chef in the Royal Navy and then went onto the role of the Catering Manager at St Monica Trust for 14 years with 1100 residents and 1000 staff. 

Gary won Care Cook of the Year in 2005.

Gary started Dining With Dignity to deliver bespoke training regarding Texture Modified Diets. This complete training is for chefs, catering teams, housekeepers, care home managers, carers, registered nurses, activity coordinators or anyone who could be involved in the preparation, cooking and delivery of food to residents at risk

In addition to this Gary is also the Specialist Dysphagia Chef for Nestle Health Science creating recipes for dysphagia patients, including starters, mains and desserts. 

Gary show how easy it is to prepare appealing but safe dysphagia food that looks amazing.

Visit Gary’s business at Dining with Dignity

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