So you think you know IDDSI?

It’s true of all of us that we don’t know what we don’t know.

In our experience, lots of smart healthcare professionals and chefs have got the ‘gist’ of IDDSI but when we carry out the audits, many of the food and drinks fail.

So we’ve set you a three minute quiz on dysphagia and IDDSI to see how well you do!

And what’s more, if you get 100% correct, you’ll be entered into a draw THIS WEDNESDAY (12 MAY) to WIN A PRIZE from the Dysphagia Kitchen range of goodies!!! How good is that?!

Dysphagia Kitchen range of goodies

Ready, steady, Go!

If you’re interested in improving your score and helping your colleagues help people with dysphagia, check out our flexible training and 10% discount for the whole package!

Published by Sandra Robinson

Independent Speech and Language Therapist. Specialist Dysphagia Practitioner.

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