Can they have..?

Written by Sandra Robinson, speech and language therapist

Twitter poll results are in!

Twitter poll
I asked you what it is you get asked most when someone is on an IDDSI dysphagia diet. Can they have..? See here if the results are as you would have expected!

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Shout outs to Twitter contributors with additional suggestions;

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Thank you!

The IDDSI framework
Ideally, the last thing a speech and language therapist does is place a person with dysphagia on adapted food and drink. But sometimes, it’s necessary. We follow the IDDSI framework. It’s very detailed but it’s not meant to be a hard and fast set of rules, more a shared ‘language’. This means that not everyone is sure what is and isn’t safe for some people with dysphagia. It can be a bit of a ‘grey’ area.

Speech and language therapists can add to their initial swallow recommendations of which Level food or drink people are on. We can specify if someone can have ‘transitional’ foods such as chocolate buttons. It’s possible to be on a Level 4 purée diet and chocolate buttons! For some people on thickened drinks, they might manage non-melted ice-cream well and we can assess for that.

Where’s the information?
If you have dysphagia, the speech and language therapist will have provided detailed recommendations. If you look after someone with dysphagia, you might find these recommendations in a care plan, medical notes or recent report.
If you’re not sure if someone can have a particular food or drink, it’s safest to avoid it. Contact the speech and language therapy department, and they can advise or review.

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