Successful training at Manton Heights ABI Unit, Bedford

Dysphagia Kitchen (formerly ‘IDDSI training UK’) brought the expertise of an independent speech and language therapist, freelance dietitian and dysphagia specialist chef to the staff of Manton Heights ABI Unit in Bedford.

They received training including;

  • understanding swallowing and dysphagia
  • developing appropriate care plans
  • fully implementing speech and language therapy swallow recommendations using IDDSI
  • understanding how to optimise nutrition for people with dysphagia
  • developing food and drink preparation, cooking and presentation in line with IDDSI
  • meeting CQC standards, and attaining accreditations from relevant organisations
  • carrying out dysphagia safety audits
  • meeting with colleagues to share expertise and food practice

Feedback on our training included;

  • the best dysphagia training we’ve ever had
  • food consistency was explained well
  • training was very useful and done very well
  • was very enjoyable
  • engaging and informative

The benefit of providing collaborative training for your staff by three dysphagia professionals means that you save time and money, demonstrate the interconnected nature of understanding dysphagia, its effects, and its management and how everyone is responsible for maximising your service-users’ quality of life, keeping them safe, and ensuring clinical and care effectiveness.

For more details about our services, please click here

You can also find us at;

Sandra Robinson, Independent Speech and Language Therapist at Speech Therapy Works

Caroline Hill, Freelance Dietitian at Caroline Hill Nutrition

Gary Brailsford, Dysphagia Specialist Chef at Dining with Dignity

Also, if you or a loved one requires neuro-rehabilitation, please contact Manton Heights ABI Unit and enquire about their services.

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